£50k investment makes horse sense for York veterinary clinic

£50k investment makes horse sense for York veterinary clinic

YORK’S equine veterinary clinic has been boosted by a £50,000 investment in new equipment.

Minster Veterinary Equine Clinic recently took delivery of a new operating table and anaesthetic machine to bring its operating theatre in York up to the highest standard.

The anaesthetic machine is an upgraded version of their previous model and improved features include a ventilator that allows artificial breathing for anaesthetised patients if necessary.

The second investment is in a new state-of-the-art operating table, with features including supportive mattresses to ensure maximum patient safety and comfort during surgery. The table is highly manoeuvrable, allowing for adjustment of the height, position and angle of the patient for specialist surgeries such as arthroscopies.

Adjustable side panels provide greater patient accessibility for the surgeon and theatre and anaesthetic teams.

Minster Veterinary Equine Clinic Head Veterinary Nurse Emma Tolliday said: “VetPartners has invested heavily in our theatre to bring it up the highest of standards and this is the first of several substantial investments we hope to make over the next 12 months.

“The investment in this new equipment has made an undoubtedly positive effect on the whole team’s working day.

“It enables them to work more efficiently and also carry a sense of pride when dealing with cases where clients are present and are clearly impressed with the up to date equipment.

“It’s a real boost to the team as it will help us work in a much more efficient way and improve the service we provide to our clients.”

Minster Veterinary Equine Clinic has three units in York, Ripon and Malton, serving North Yorkshire’s equestrian and racing community.

The total investment is £50,989 in new equipment, which also includes an arthroscopy tower, high powered x-ray generator and stand.

Emma added: “The additional high powered x-ray generator means the receptionists are able to accommodate our increasing demands for orthopaedic diagnostics, both in the clinic and out on the road.

“Vets are able to achieve excellent radiographic image quality of thoracic and lumbar spines of our equine patients, which is something that we now have an increasing demand for.”

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