Emergency veterinary service launched across Scottish Borders

Emergency veterinary service launched across Scottish Borders

A NEW emergency service for poorly pets is set to be launched in the Borders.

The new e-vets service will be launched on December 14 by Border Vets and will act as an A&E for pets, who are sick or injured.

The service will be open to clients of Border Vets, which has surgeries in Galashiels, Selkirk and Innerleithen, and Robert Young Vets in Kelso and Earlston.

Initially, e-vets will run at weekends, covering Friday night and Saturday from lunch time through until Monday morning. From early in 2019, the service will expand to seven nights a week.

Pets will be cared for overnight by experienced staff, where they will receive the best possible care at Border Vets’ main veterinary surgery in Galashiels.

Vets running the out-of-hours service can deal with any kind of serious cases, including pets involved in road traffic accidents, poisoning cases, emergency operations and sudden illness.

Vets Carla Murphy and Mel Broad will run the service and will then be joined in January by new emergency and critical care vet Rosemary Webster and veterinary nurse Lisa Scott.

Mel Broad said: “The number one aim of the service is improving patient care because hospitalised pets will have 24-hour monitoring from vets and nurses, which is a big advantage.

“Traditionally, vet practices have provided their emergency service by asking the day vets to be on-call overnight and attend any emergencies as needed. This can lead to vets being up most of the night and then having to complete another full day of work the next day.

“The new service means vets are fresh and focused having had a good night’s sleep.

“More importantly, pets have been cared for overnight by vets and nurses working a shift so they too are fresh and ready to attend emergencies and provide continuous monitoring for hospitalised pet patients.”

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