Hampton vets save horse who was trapped on a broken bridge

Hampton vets save horse who was trapped on a broken bridge

VETS from Hampton Equine Centre acted swiftly to save a horse called Bubbles who was trapped on a broken bridge.

The horse’s back legs had fallen through the bridge which had given way causing the animal to become stuck.
Elen Lawton, equine veterinary surgeon at Hampton Equine Centre, said the veterinary team was alerted to the incident in Malpas Road, Malpas, Cheshire, by the horse’s owner who had also called Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service.

On assessing 21-year-old Bubble for injuries, Elen found the mare had significant cuts to her back legs but no fractures.

Elen, assisted by veterinary surgeon colleague Kathy Uprichard, sedated the mare so she could be lifted safely from the collapsed bridge by firefighters using a telehandler machine.

Once in a safe area away from the bridge, Elen was able to treat the mare’s wounds.

Elen said: “Bubble was in quite a distressed state when we arrived. As her legs were hidden from view it was difficult to assess the severity of the wounds.

“We made sure she was heavily sedated before any attempt could be made to free her by the fire brigade team.

“Once she was freed from the bridge she started to eat the grass around her straight away which was a good sign.

“The wounds were quite extensive on her legs so we stitched them up after a thorough clean and then gave her a local anaesthetic to prevent infection.

“Bubbles was then able to be walked home by her owner and we are pleased to say she is on her way to making a full recovery.”

This is the second case involving a trapped horse the Hampton Equine Centre veterinary team has dealt with this year. The first involved a horse stuck in a ditch.

Elen added: “If your horse becomes stuck when you are out on a ride then make sure you call your vet immediately as the fire bridge won’t commence rescue operation unless a vet is present.

“With this case in Malpas we had the added complication that there was no phone signal in the area due to its remoteness. We advise horse riders to make sure they tell someone which route they intend to take before they set off, so this information has been shared.”


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