Hoppy recovery for Mindy the clumsy cockatiel startled by her own reflection

Hoppy recovery for Mindy the clumsy cockatiel startled by her own reflection

MINDY the clumsy cockatiel has rediscovered her wings again – after an accident that left her with only one leg.

 Mindy dislocated her left leg after flying into a mirror when she was allowed out of her cage to fly around her owner’s living room.

But, thanks to the care and expertise of veterinary staff at Prince Bishop Vets in Crook, County Durham, the eight-month-old cockatiel is back on her perch – and reunited with pal Mork.

Vet Dr Gemma Taylor had no option but to amputate her badly damaged leg, and Mindy underwent a delicate operation at Prince Bishop Veterinary Hospital in Leadgate, near Consett.

Now she’s back home in Crook with owner Brian Harrison and his partner Lilian Ridley, where she has been reunited with the couple’s other cockatiels, Mork, Jack and Jill.

Brian said: “We usually allow the birds to fly around the living room. Mindy likes to have a fly around and land on top of her cage.

“But she flew around and saw her reflection in the mirror, before flying straight into it. She landed on the floor badly and was left hobbling around.

“We later noticed she couldn’t put any weight on her leg, so decided to take her to the vets as we were worried about her.”

X-rays revealed severe damage to the lower part of her leg, leaving vets with no option but to amputate.

Vet Dr Gemma Taylor, who performed the surgery, said: “Mindy’s leg was like a matchstick, so the operation was very delicate and quite a challenge, especially for the anaesthetic veterinary nurse.

“She had completely dislocated her leg at the knee, damaging all the supporting ligaments and muscles.

“We had to amputate at mid-thigh so she is left with a little stump. I’m very pleased with how the operation went because Mindy is a much-loved family pet.

“Birds can manage perfectly well with one leg, but we wanted Mindy to have quality of life afterwards and fortunately she has made an excellent recovery.”

Mindy is a firm favourite of Brian’s grand-daughter Alannah Coates, three, and the family are delighted she is now back home.

Brian added: “Mindy has adapted really well to having only one leg and Mork is pleased she’s home.

“She’s quite happy and is able to climb up her cage bars and perch.”

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