Kerry is happy and thriving with the support of VetPartners

Kerry is happy and thriving with the support of VetPartners

With the support of VetPartners, Kerry Lambert’s career reached new heights after she was promoted to clinical director.

Here, Kerry reveals how being part of VetPartners has been one of the most positive experiences for herself and her practice colleagues….

BEING part of the VetPartners family transformed my career in truly positive ways.

Before Ashworth Vets became part of the VetPartners family of practices, I was happy and content with my career as a veterinary nurse.

I loved the role and relished the responsibility being a senior nurse.

Kerry Lambert, who is holding her cat, loves her careerI remember on the day we were told that the practice was becoming part of VetPartners, I felt a real fear of the unknown, which usually comes with change.

For myself and my practice colleagues, those fears turned out to be groundless as being part of VetPartners has turned out to be one of the most positive experiences.

We feel a bigger sense of family behind us, supporting us every step of the way, while still allowing us to make decisions and retaining a strong sense of our own identity.

Fantastic opportunities within VetPartners

What quickly became evident was that there was a fantastic opportunity for the practice to grow and we would be encouraged to develop as individuals and some fantastic opportunities opened up for those who wanted to take them.

In October 2020 I was promoted to clinical director – a role I share with vet Helen Watson. I always loved being an RVN but becoming a clinical director gave me a new challenge.

It was a role I had never previously considered because not many nurses rise to clinical director, but with the support of VetPartners, I am thrilled to say I am happy and thriving.

It has been overwhelming, but in the best possible way.

We have a fantastic business development director in Gary Rutland, a former RVN himself, who understands practice life, the day-to-day running of the practice and all the challenges.

Supported every step of the way

Helen and I have a fantastic rapport and it works very well having a vet and a nurse as clinical directors as we have the knowledge, skills and experience to handle every aspect of the role and demands placed upon us.

Kerry Lambert talking to her colleague on receptionIt is a huge comfort knowing that if there is anything we need, whether it is support from the people team, a clinical matter, or something relating to the Practice Standards Scheme, there is a wealth of knowledge and experience behind us.

My role encompasses a wide range of responsibilities, including veterinary nursing, health care plans and finance, along with community activities, client evenings and events, and encouraging the team to get involved.

With the help and support of VetPartners, they have enabled me to better understand our team and their needs. I can’t begin to think how stressful it would have been during the health pandemic if we had not had the support of VetPartners.

I never thought my career would go to this level and I feel incredibly happy and fulfilled with this level of responsibility. VetPartners is helping me to learn and develop in the role, which has given me a different approach to the job.

The opportunity to become a clinical director has also given me longevity in my veterinary career and it was just the challenge I needed at a time when many nurses leave the profession.


Kerry Lambert has worked at Ashworth Vets, which has practices in Farnborough, Fleet and Sandhurst, for 24 years and qualified as a Registered Veterinary Nurse in 1999.

She is also a trained clinical coach and worked as an Internal Verifier, training the practice’s own veterinary nurse students and supporting other practices with their student training. She was promoted to joint clinical director at the practice in October 2020.