Miracle kitten is VIP guest at anniversary celebration of practice that saved her

Miracle kitten is VIP guest at anniversary celebration of practice that saved her

A KITTEN, whose life was saved thanks to the skill and expertise of Worcester vets and nurses, is helping the veterinary practice celebrate its second anniversary.

Gwen, a silver tabby owned by Emalee and Alex Beddoes-Davis, was only four months old when she was rushed into Cats@ Severn Veterinary Centre after eating a lily stamen.

Everything about a lily is toxic to cats – from the poisonous pollen to the stem and even the water in the vase. The flowers had been part of a bouquet sent to Emalee while she recovered from an operation.

Gwen’s quick-thinking owners knew lilies were poisonous and they rushed their pet to the cat-only veterinary practice in Lowesmoor Wharf, Worcester, where she underwent emergency treatment to ensure she didn’t suffer from the harmful effects of the flowers. Lily poisoning can cause vomiting, blindness, and even kidney failure.

Her owners faced an anxious wait as Gwen was kept in the practice for 24 hours, hooked up to an intravenous drip, while vets also took a blood sample to ensure her kidneys had not been damaged.

Now, six months later, the miracle moggy, who lives with her owners in Worcester, returned to Cats@ Severn Vets to help the practice celebrate its second anniversary.

The incident happened in March and Gwen has had regular trips to the practice to ensure a full recovery.

Emalee said: “If it wasn’t for swift action from the team at Cats@ Severn Vets, we could have lost Gwen.

“We saw her eat the stamen of the flower and her fur was covered in orange pollen. We knew we had to act quickly as there is only a short window when they can be treated after eating a lily. Within 15 minutes, she was at the practice being seen by a vet.

“I was really worried, but everyone at the practice was so lovely and very reassuring. They knew it was serious but they took everything in their stride and ensured Gwen received the best possible treatment and care.”

Cats@Severn Vets is one of the UK’s few feline-only practices. Cats are less stressed as there are no barking dogs and the surgery’s calm environment with soothing pheromone sprays means they are more relaxed and easier to handle and examine.

Since opening in August 2016, the practice has seen 1,000 cats from all over Worcestershire, visiting the surgery for anything from routine appointments to emergency treatment.

Cats@Severn Vets veterinary nurse Emma Allen, who has a Diploma in Feline Nursing, said: “Cats who come here are much calmer because there are no dogs. By providing a calm, quiet environment, they are less stressed.

“It makes examining and handling of cats less stressful and benefits cats, owners and veterinary staff. Owners comment on how much more relaxed their pets are and they are less stressed about their cat being anxious.”

Severn Vets has six practices across Henley-in-Arden, Alcester, Worcester and Stratford-upon-Avon.

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