Missing dog reunited with owner after eight months away

Missing dog reunited with owner after eight months away

A MISSING pug has been reunited with her overjoyed owner after she was found more than 100 miles from home, thanks to the support of Best Friends Veterinary Group.

Bridget went missing along with two other female pugs from her owner’s home in March, Cambridgeshire, in December 2017.

Owner Michael Quinney, who has bred dogs all his life, issued an appeal for the return of the dogs, and Bridget is the final of the three to be returned, after she was found in South Yorkshire earlier this month.

The person who discovered Bridget took her to a nearby veterinary practice where she was scanned for a microchip. The chip associated the pug to Mr Quinney and the Best Friends Vet Group practice in March where, as the registered implanter for the microchip, staff were able to help return the dog to their long-term client.

The case has prompted a warning by the practice to microchip pets, as this is the best way to ensure you can be re-united with your pet if it gets lost.

Mr Quinney, who is also a renowned cat and dog show judge, said: “I am just so pleased to finally have Bridget back home where she belongs.

“I remember having my haircut the day before Bridget was found and telling my barber that we must not give up hope for finding Bridget. I was so relieved to get the phone call from my vet practice to say she had been located.

“It is a terrible thing to have a dog stolen. Not only do you really miss your pet, but it costs a lot of time and money trying to get them back.”
Head veterinary nurse Sara Rolfe arranged for Bridget to be driven back home the same day with the help of the Pet to Vet transportation service.

Sara said: “Mr Quinney is devoted to his dogs and as a longstanding client we are all delighted to see Bridget back home.

“Thankfully all of Mr Quinney’s dogs were microchipped so once they have been found and taken to a veterinary practice it is a relatively simple process to get them home safely.

“It is now a legal obligation to do so and it could be that should your dog go missing, then this is the way they are identified and returned home. It’s also important to remember to update all registration details, for example of you change home addresses.

Mr Quinney, 80, has judged at shows all over the world and is approved by the Kennel Club in more than 70 breeds.

With a lifelong interest in animals, Mr Quinney has successfully bred and exhibited pugs winning countless prizes. He prides himself on the purpose-built kennel facilities he continues to maintain for his dogs.

The first two missing pugs, Priscilla and Flash, were previously returned to Mr Quinney. Priscilla was dropped off at his home a few days after the three disappeared. Flash was located earlier this year in Bedfordshire.

Since 6 April 2016, all dogs in England, Scotland and Wales must be microchipped. Owners of dogs over the age of eight weeks must also have registered their pet’s microchip details on one of the authorised databases.

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