Beef producers to be recognised for sustainable farming practices         

Beef producers to be recognised for sustainable farming practices         


VetPartners has launched the VetPartners Farming Awards, to celebrate the achievements made by farmers across the UK who have implemented changes to improve the sustainability of their system, while continuing to prioritise animal health and productivity.

Farm director Ian Cure explains that the beef award winner can be voted for at Beef Expo in May, with anyone at the event being able to hear more about the shortlisted farms and cast their vote for the ‘VetPartners Sustainable Beef Farmer of the Year’ at the VetPartners stand.

“Farmers will be nominated by their vets based on their commitment to continuous improvement in their farming processes, whether that is through herd efficiency gains, working with the environment or sharing their knowledge with the wider community,” says Mr Cure.

“Reasons for nomination might include exemplary antibiotics stewardship, a strategic approach to parasite control or effective management of calving blocks to improve efficiencies per kilo of beef produced,” he adds.

Mr Cure encourages anyone at Beef Expo to visit the VetPartners stand to cast their vote, or to look out for virtual voting instructions on VetPartners social media.

“Getting involved with selecting a winner allows anyone to play a part in recognising the sheer determination, hard work and resilience of our British farmers,” he says.

“As a farm vet, I’m incredibly proud of what UK-based livestock farmers are already achieving when it comes to sustainable beef production,” says Mr Cure.

“The greenhouse gas intensity of grassland produced beef in the UK is 48kg CO2 eq/kg of meat, which is approximately half the global average, but there are opportunities to further reduce this while allowing livestock and the environment to thrive[1].

“Supporting beef farmers to find the win-win solutions, where a change in approach can result in efficiency gains, improved productivity and sustainability, is one of the most rewarding parts of being a farm vet. Sustainable livestock production can only be achieved with healthy animals, so vets will continue to be integral to this in the future.”

Our 2022 nominees are:

George Young – Curtis Farm, Essex

Westpoint Farm Vets

  • Expanding Red Poll herd of 54
  • Agroecological system and agroforestry
  • No anthelmintic usage
  • Focus on biodiversity and wildlife, working in conjunction with the Essex Wildlife Trust
  • Wildlife seam corridor implemented in 2022
  • Advocate for regenerative agriculture
  • Open and honest communication through farming blog and social media channels ( – @farminggeorge)

Chatsworth Farm Estate, Derbyshire

LLM Farm Vets

  • 300 head beef herd
  • 2500 breeding ewes
  • Actively conducting integrated parasite control
  • Extensive and forage based system
  • Training on regenerative agriculture principles
  • Working closely with vet practice to monitor health and welfare
  • Educating public through the estate farm shop and farm experience

Peter Moyes – Thornby Farms, Northamptonshire

Cross Counties Farm Vets

  • 500 head beef herd
  • 1200 breeding ewes
  • Higher tier stewardship for over 30 years
  • Carbon footprint work to identify improvement areas
  • Crop rotations to minimise bare soil and encourage soil health
  • Rainwater harvesting to re-fill water troughs
  • No anthelmintic usage at grazing
  • Infrastructure changes to encourage biodiversity and boost soil health

To vote for your winner, please visit our voting page: