Pets are set to gain from vets’ £30,000 investment in new technology

Pets are set to gain from vets’ £30,000 investment in new technology

A BOURNEMOUTH veterinary practice has undergone a £30,000 investment in state-of-the-art equipment as it expands its range of services to pet owners in the area.

Natterjacks Vets will now be able to treat pets with more complicated medical and surgical cases thanks to the investment in its new endoscopy suite.

The endoscopy suite is part of an ongoing investment programme at the vets in Christchurch Road, following on from the recent creation of an extra consulting room and dedicated dental theatre.

Endoscopy is a means of diagnosing a disease without the need for surgery. The procedure is recognised for being less invasive than traditional surgery leading to a faster recovery time and reduced anaesthetic periods meaning less risk to the pet.

The technique involves using a camera attached to a long tube that takes live video of areas of the body. The video footage is then examined by the vet on a portable screen for any signs of medical irregularity.

Natterjacks Clinical Director Andy Matthew said: “Endoscopic procedures are a rapidly growing area of veterinary practice due to the advantages over conventional surgery.

“The £30,000 installation of the endoscopy suite at our Bournemouth practice is taking Natterjacks to the next level in terms of our expertise.

“It now means we have the most advanced endoscopic capabilities of any first opinion veterinary practice in the area and don’t have to refer to a specialist centre.”

Endoscopy can be used to view numerous body regions areas including the lungs, stomach, intestines, nose, ear and bladder. It is also used for joint disease. As well as diagnosis and surgery, endoscopes are very useful the retrieval of foreign objects from pets’ stomachs and airways.

Andy added: “We have an excellent team of vet surgeons at Natterjacks trained to perform endoscopy procedures. The types of surgery we will be carrying out include intestinal biopsies, laparoscopic procedures, bronchial washes and arthroscopic surgery of diseased joints.

“We will also be offering referral endoscopy including arthroscopy for orthopaedic cases so invite practices to get in touch with us.”

With the Bournemouth practice’s growing client base and need to accommodate a larger veterinary team there are plans to create a first floor extension to the building including a new dedicated feline treatment suite.

Natterjacks also has a branch in Poole where work has started on a state-of-the-art CT scanner facility which will be offered to all local practices for use on an outpatient basis.

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