Gary takes Pride in VetPartners’ value of LGBTQ+ colleagues

Gary takes Pride in VetPartners’ value of LGBTQ+ colleagues

To celebrate LGBTQ+ Pride Month, VetPartners Business Support Manager Gary Rutland shares his experience of the veterinary profession, and discusses the importance of working for a company that supports colleagues to be themselves…

At VetPartners, were are fortunate to have a culture of warmth and belonging, where everyone is accepted for who they are.

This makes it a comfortable place for anyone from the LGBTQ+ community.

Before I began working for VetPartners as a Business Support Manager, I gave a talk at their Congress and picked up on the family feel to the business. This was underlined when I heard CEO Jo Malone talking about the culture she wanted at the company she had set up.

Everyone at VetPartners can be themselves and that attracted me to come and work here.

It is all about what you bring to the business with your skills, experience and knowledge, so you can come to work and feel comfortable talking about your life.

Life isn’t one size fits all and it is the diversity of humanity that makes us who we are.

It’s about being true to yourself and your heart’s definition of happiness.

I feel comfortable being able to talk to colleagues at VetPartners about my partner and upcoming marriage next year.

I’m proud to be part of the British Veterinary Association LGBTQ+ group as we have done a lot of work ensuring people within the profession, especially student vets, feel supported.

I don’t think there is 100% equal rights within our wider society so events like LGBTQ+ Pride Month can play an important role in highlighting that more needs to be done.

When you look at the high suicide rate in the veterinary profession, we need to ensure we have a safe profession and that there is a network of support.

It is about being accepted for who you are, what you have to offer, and who you love.

At VetPartners, I feel safe and happy in my work. It’s great working for a group where you are encouraged to excel, inspired do your best and feel safe to be who you are.


  • Gary worked in a multi-disciplinary first opinion and orthopaedic/neurology referral practice in Braintree, Essex. He qualified as an RVN in 2003, before becoming head nurse. He holds an advanced veterinary nursing qualification, DipAVN(Surgical), an ILM level 5 Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring and is a veterinary nurse practical examiner (OSCE).
  • He joined VetPartners in 2019 as a Business Support Manager for London and the South East. He helps practice teams and leaders to grow the business and effectively support their teams, through coaching and training.

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