VetPartners developing veterinary leaders of the future

VetPartners developing veterinary leaders of the future

VETPARTNERS is helping to develop the veterinary leaders of the future.

The group, which has 31 practices all over England, Scotland and Wales, is focusing its efforts on ensuring practice line managers have the skills they need to flourish in the veterinary profession.

As part of its commitment to develop opportunities for vets and secure a healthy future for the veterinary industry, VetPartners is also creating more Clinical Director roles so talented vets are able to progress within the group.

More than 100 managers from VetPartners practices have attended Line Manager Matters workshops in Durham, Leeds, Warrington and Edinburgh – a unique leadership development opportunity, aimed at helping emerging veterinary leaders to hone their skills so they can advance within their practice, the VetPartners group, and the wider profession.

Those attending the three-hour seminars, run by VetPartners Business Support Manager Fiona Nichol, included clinical directors, senior vets, business development directors, practice managers, senior receptionists and head nurses.

The success of the management and leadership workshops is reflected in feedback, revealing that every attendee said the topic was relevant to their role and they would recommend the seminars to colleagues.

Mrs Nichol is playing a key role in providing managers with core skills and encouraging new ways to working that embrace collaboration and positive leadership.

She believes that, while there is an abundance of clinical CPD available, it is important for veterinary groups like VetPartners to help lead the way with providing effective management and exemplary leadership skills.

“We aim to develop leaders and provide them with the skills, knowledge and support network to create change and develop their teams,” said Mrs Nichol.

“It has been fantastic to see so many managers putting themselves forward to learn and improve because we want to focus on developing the best leaders in practice.

“It is about equipping our people managers with the skills to inspire, encourage, reward and motivate their teams. Leadership and management is a topic that independent practices don’t always focus on enough and larger groups like VetPartners are leading the way.

“By giving managers from practices across the group a chance to meet up and share what they are doing and learn about proven methods, models and experiences, it encourages everyone.”

Beechwood Vets Practice Manager Kelly Mann, who attended the Leeds workshop, said: “The Line Manager workshop has helped me to feel that I’m not alone and we are all going through the same issues.

“Management CPD is usually quite expensive and so to be able to improve my knowledge of management areas without worrying about going over my budget has been extremely helpful.”

Prince Bishop Vets Clinical Director Christina Stubbins said: “The Line Manager Matters workshop was a really good opportunity to meet other line managers, and gain new ideas and inspiration.

“The workshops have helped me bring out the best in myself, as well as team. I’ve gained confidence in my new role and the workshop was instrumental in achieving that.”

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