We are family – and proud of it!

We are family – and proud of it!

VetPartners is proud of its culture of warmth and belonging, where everyone is accepted for who they are. Here, new graduate vet Valerie Tierney, who works at Westway Vets in Newcastle, discusses the importance of working for a group that supports LGBTQ+ team members to be themselves….

VETPARTNERS encapsulates its culture and values nicely in the tagline #WeAreFamily.

Creating this welcoming atmosphere, and celebrating inclusiveness and diversity, is important as it reminds all employees that they will be accepted and valued for who they are.

Coming from Ireland, and having personally experienced a culture of homophobia, both in a university setting, but also while on EMS (though I hope others have had better experiences!), the moment I knew I wanted to make Westway Vets my work home was when I visited for a day following a Skype interview.

A team member was openly discussing her female partner and what they had been up to at the weekend. This was treated exactly the same as anyone discussing an opposite-sex partner, which was a refreshing change given my experience.

VetPartners practices – and, for me, specifically at Westway Vets – have proved a supportive place to work.

Being able to express unreservedly who you are at work is a wonderful thing. It removes a layer of stress.

Not having to walk on eggshells in case you divulge something that could lead to your ostracization is essential to being able to function fully in the workplace.

I am so happy to work for a larger veterinary group where sexuality is regarded as just one part of a person, and not as a defining characteristic, and I hope that others have similar, equally positive experiences.


  • Here at VetPartners, we do not tolerate discrimination, and believe in equality of opportunity for all, regardless of ethnicity, sexuality and gender. #wearefamily

Useful contacts for help or support with any of the issues raised:

Stonewall – www.stonewall.org.uk

BVA Group – British Veterinary LGBT+ bvlgbt@gmail.com or on Facebook

Vetlife –https://www.vetlife.org.uk/work-issues/bullying-discrimination/lgbt-inclusion/