VetPartners pricks up their ears for Rabbit Awareness Week

VetPartners pricks up their ears for Rabbit Awareness Week

VetPartners practices are preparing for Rabbit Awareness Week.

Rabbit Awareness Week (RAW) is an annual campaign created to raise awareness of rabbit welfare and promote responsible pet ownership. Since its creation in 2006, it has gone from strength to strength and has become one of the most popular campaigns among our practices and staff.

This year RAW is focussing on diet and is aiming to educate rabbit owners on what they should be feeding their rabbits. The key message of this year’s campaign is that 85-90% of a rabbit’s diet should be made up of feeding hay or grass.

With poor diet causing serious problems including weight issues, digestive disorders and dental problems, RAW’s focus will hopefully encourage more rabbit owners to pay a visit to their local vet and nip these issues in the bud.

VetPartners’ practices are showing their support for our fluffy friends.

In Wales, Valley Vets are kicking off RAW by inviting clients for free bunny ‘MOTs’ and will also be offering a discount on the Myoxma and Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease vaccinations. Valley Vets will also be encouraging owners to visit them to receive information on general rabbit care and will be providing owners with some pointers on how they can keep their pets healthy for longer.

In Essex, Orchid Vets will be inviting Brentwood’s bunnies for free diet advice, and will be giving recommendations on what type of food is best for their tummies.

With the warm weather fast approaching, Dowdings Vets in Lincolnshire will be offering clients advice on fly strike, a condition caused when flies lay their eggs in rabbits matted fur. As the condition is more prevalent in summer, Dowdings will be taking this opportunity to help their clients reduce the chances of this blight affecting their rabbits.

As well as providing information on fly strike, Dowdings will also be offering health checks and information on diet to their clients.

In North Yorkshire, York’s rabbits will be asked to open wide for a free dental examination and will also get a free health check from Minster Vets.

All in all, it is set to be a bumper week filled with lots of fun and most importantly lots of opportunities for clients to take advantage of some of these fantastic offers and help keep their rabbits hopping along happily.

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