VetPartners supports new ground-breaking manifesto

VetPartners supports new ground-breaking manifesto

VETPARTNERS is supporting a new Evidence-based Veterinary Medicine manifesto.

The manifesto was launched in July at the Evidence Live Conference and will be presented to equine vets for discussion at this week’s BEVA Congress in Birmingham.

One of the pioneers of the manifesto is Dr Rachel Dean, who is Director of Clinical Research and Excellence in Practice at York-based group VetPartners, who will be hosting a meeting at BEVA on Friday.

The EBVM manifesto sets out to help ensure the veterinary profession continually improves by embracing and advancing evidence-based veterinary medicine.

Rachel’s work is being embraced and supported by VetPartners, which owns 120 small animal, equine, farm and mixed practices across the UK and has 5,000 employees across more than 450 sites.

Members of the VetPartners Equine Clinical Board will be attending the discussion at BEVA.

Dr Dean said: “It is important for VetPartners to be involved because we are a major deliverer of veterinary healthcare and we need the right evidence and the science to make good decisions and actions. We also have lots of data and lots of practices.

“Our Equine Clinical Board will be at BEVA and we want other people to join us because it is a profession-wide issue that affects everyone.”

The EBVM manifesto was the result of the increasing awareness of both the difficulties of, and solutions for, translating primary research into better quality, affordable medical healthcare.

It highlights the known problems of poor untrustworthy evidence and the negative impact this has on care. More importantly, it outlines the solutions for better healthcare through improving the evidence base on which decisions are made. It highlights why this requires several different groups to work together to solve the problems faced by the profession.

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