VetPartners to partner with research academics to boost clinical knowledge and care

VetPartners to partner with research academics to boost clinical knowledge and care

VETPARTNERS is set to partner Nottingham University’s Centre for Evidence-based Veterinary Medicine (CEVM) in a unique collaboration aimed at progressing knowledge and clinical care.

The York-headquartered group hopes the partnership will strengthen links between the academic community and veterinary practices and help to ensure the best possible care for patients across all species groups.

The aim is to discuss evidence-based medicine in the context of veterinary practice to enable us to combine the best research evidence available with clinical expertise to optimise outcomes for the animals we treat.

The CEVM is hosting two presentations for veterinary practice team members and anyone interested in veterinary research as part of its 10 anniversary celebrations. VetPartners is delighted to be a key partner in this.

The presentations, entitled Evidence Sessions, will represent the close links between veterinary practice and veterinary research.

Dr Rachel Dean, who founded the CEVM before joining VetPartners as Director of Clinical Research and Excellence in Practice, will lead the first presentation on Monday 13th December, with her Clinical Board support team. A second research-based presentation led by current centre director Dr Marnie Brennan is on Thursday 16th December.

Dr Dean said: “We want to partner with the CEVM as they are the global leaders in evidence based medicine. We need to partner with premier academic groups to enable us to progress knowledge and clinical care. We are supporting the Evidence Sessions as it is critical that we bridge the gap between academia and research to make sure the research done is useful to clinicians as each group can’t work in isolation.

“The work of the VetPartners Clinical Board is all about how we support our teams to develop their care and do the best they can for each and every animal. With our Clinical Board support team and our extensive clinical communities, we are the perfect group to give the real life perspective to the evidence-based movement.”

The Evidence Sessions will be informal with an opportunity for input and discussion with attendees.

It is an open meeting with all members of the profession invited to talk about how the evidence-based veterinary medicine movement has progressed over the last 10 years.

Dr Brennan said: “There have been some significant achievements by individuals and groups globally in harnessing this approach, not only within clinical settings but also within veterinary research.

“With the publication of the Evidence Manifesto in the Vet Record last year, it feels like the right time to be reflecting on the journey the profession has taken to date and how this could shape the future. I’m delighted that Rachel Dean and her team from VetPartners are joining us for this event.”

People can sign up for the events at the Evidence Sessions at the TicketSource site here:

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