As part of VetPartners Learning, you have access to Hemsley Fraser personal development content.

Career development.

Here at VetPartners, we believe in investing in our people because we value everyone in our practice and central support teams.

We aim to help colleagues develop the knowledge, skills and competencies to succeed in their current and future roles.

We have created an environment where everyone working at VetPartners thrives, where we develop everyone to their potential and support them to develop their career goals.

VetPartners recognises the value and importance of supporting personal, clinical and professional development and is committed to developing all of our team members to reach their potential.

VetPartners have developed an online learning management system called VetPartners Learning, where all employees can find clinical and commercial topics in a variety of formats.

Development opportunities

Clinical CPD

Clinical CPD is delivered by VetPartners throughout the year. The CPD offering is designed to give each role within practice an understanding of a particular clinical topic. The Clinical CPD has resources to support different roles within practice. There are periodic clinical CPD events made available to VetPartners from our suppliers, currently these are in the form of free Webinars details of which are circulated regularly by the operations support team. We will also launch clinical CPD through our online platform early in 2021.

Managers Programme

We support those who are new to management and leadership to succeed in their role.
Topics covered include understanding veterinary practice as a business, finance and accounts, HR, customer service and practice-based marketing

Practice Matters

Practice Matters is a quarterly meeting that combines training on a specific topic, such as customer service or coaching your team members, followed by a regional meeting where the topic is explored further and you can share experiences of dealing with the topic in practice. These meetings are a great way to get to know VetPartners colleagues in a similar role,
network and share ideas.